With 50 years of experience and a leadership team that includes the expertise of a licensed attorney, we have a formula proven for success! We will craft individualized insurance policies and advice to meet your insurance needs.

Glover Insurance Agency is a small family-owned company established over 35 years ago. There is currently one office established in the Midwest (Minneapolis, MN) and one office on the West Coast (Oakland, CA) called Glover Independent Insurance Agency West. The Minneapolis office provides both commercial and personal lines insurance as well as life insurance and other retirement products to individuals, families, and businesses. The West Coast practice specializes in providing commercial insurance and risk management solutions for businesses of all types and industries – ranging from small privately held ventures to large publicly traded companies or government agencies.

Why Choose Glover?

Combining 50 years of insurance expertise from the founder and CEO of the Glover enterprise and the Minneapolis office, Bernard Glover, along with 8 years of government legal practice experience from the West Coast CEO, Tashinda Glover Richardson – we offer a uniquely insightful perspective to business owners. You can expect the Glovers to provide superb risk management advice and individualized insurance policies.

At Glover, we are known for our honesty and integrity as insurance agents and as good citizens in the community. We maintain a high reputation for quality products and services, industry expertise and reliable solutions. Whether you?re worried about loss concerning your business, home, or life – Our goal is to protect you so you can spend your time focused on what matters to you most.

Benard Glover
Benard Glover
Tashinda Glover-Richardson
Tashinda Glover-Richardson

Company History

Bernard Glover, the founder and CEO of Glover Insurance Agency, was born in 1937 in Bessemer, AL. ?He began his career in the US Army and after providing years of honorable service to this nation, he relocated to Minneapolis, MN for better quality work for himself and increased opportunities for his family. ?In 1966 he began a career working for a nationally renowned insurance carrier. He started out as a janitor for Prudential and quickly?moved up the corporate ladder landing in sales. It was his hard work, determination, and sheer fortitude that led him to become a top sales producer for Prudential and an industry leader in his own right. ?He garnered various awards and accolades for his significant achievements. After 15 Years of valuable insurance sales experience, he discovered a burning passion within himself to step out and establish his own insurance business.

Bernard established the Glover Insurance Agency in 1981 in North Minneapolis, which was the first Black owned insurance agency in the state of Minnesota. Glover Insurance Agency was not only a staple for the Glovers, creating career opportunities for various family members, but it was also a cornerstone of the community. Throughout the years, the agency has remained committed to leadership, benevolence, and service throughout the urban areas of the Twin Cities.

Bernard now has over 50 years of experience working in the insurance industry and has maintained his licenses in the areas of Life, Health, Property and Casualty Insurance based in the state of Minnesota. During the height of his practice success, he acquired contracts with large, well-known companies such as Pillsbury and 3M. The agency has been maintained over the years through the hard work and dedication of Bernard?s family that have been employed at one time or another with Glover Insurance Agency: Mary Glover (wife who is now retired from the agency); Berna Glover (daughter and current office manager of the agency); Stephen Glover, Sr. (son); Tashinda Glover Richardson (granddaughter); Stephen Glover, Jr. (grandson).

In the near future Bernard intends to transition into retirement and welcomes his granddaughter, Tashinda Glover Richardson, to take over and expand the Glover Insurance enterprise. Tashinda recently transitioned out of an 8-year active duty career where she served as an officer and lawyer in the Navy JAG Corps. She grew up in Glover Insurance Agency holding her first job here, which built her strong work ethic and foundation of professionalism, business acumen, organizational skills, and superb customer service – leading her to success. With this history, Tashinda was excited to return to her roots and continue the family legacy!

In April 2017, Tashinda opened the West Coast office in Oakland, CA as a separate corporate entity under the name Glover Independent Insurance Agency West (GIIA West). Her vision for growing the business includes opening an office in San Francisco and Southern California.

Tashinda is licensed to practice law in Georgia and is working towards admission to the California and Minnesota Bar Associations. She also maintains life, property, and casualty insurance licenses in California and Minnesota. Her 8 years of honorable active duty service to our nation as a Naval Officer has inspired her deeply, and thus she continues her service in the US Navy Reserves as a JAG attorney. This influence has also inspired a community service element that she plans to develop and expand for the businesses. Tashinda is inspired and supported by her husband, Richard L. Richardson, who is a managing partner of the Law Offices of Siegal & Richardson, LLP. They both have two beautiful children Parker (6) and Ellington (3).


At the Glover Insurance family of agencies, we believe our success will be measured by our clients continuing to choose us due to their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of service, quality and insurance expertise.


The Glover Insurance Agency and Glover Independent Insurance Agency West are family oriented businesses that consist of reliable professionals who possess unique expert knowledge of the insurance, financial, business, and legal industries. We leverage our collective specialized knowledge, diverse experience, and ethical foundation to offer the best insurance products, individually tailored to meet our clients? needs in providing security for the people and things that matter most to them. For our business clients, we seek to create a strong and secure culture for the business, staff, and clients by providing solutions that protect the owner(s), shareholder(s), and business entity from loss and liability. We value every single client and treat them like a member of the Glover Insurance family.


At the Glover Insurance family of agencies, we cherish and celebrate each of our employees, not just because they are family, but also because we believe they are the bedrock of success for our Agency. Therefore, we provide an environment where we support each employee?s growth by offering excellent training to help them meet their career goals and gain job satisfaction. We are committed to maintaining a diverse workforce and encouraging work life balance through creative initiatives and community outreach.

Owner and Board of Directors

The Glover Insurance family of agencies takes pride in its rich history established by the vision and direction of Mr. Bernard Glover.? As the Agencies transition to leadership of the next generation, it has new goals for expansion and development, while continuing to honor the legacy of success and loyalty shaped by Mr. Glover for the benefit of its clients, directors,?and represented insurance companies.